More Reasons to Choose The Harvey Team

Why choose The Harvey Team? Buyers and Sellers of Telluride area luxury real estate value the advantages offered by George Harvey, including:
  • Colorado Property Sales Success– Over 700 transactions and $650 million in career sales; with $30.8 mil. in 2013 alone.
  • Real Estate Expertise & Education – More continuous education than any Realtor in the Telluride region.
  • Leadership – The only broker in Telluride that has been Colorado Association of REALTORS® President and National Resort & Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS) of the Year.
  • Respect – Has earned the respect of 20,000 plus Realtors in Colorado, and 150,000 Resort & Second Home agents in the U.S. and Internationally.
  • Negotiation Skills – Has traveled throughout the U.S. over the last 2 decades in order to take every available negotiation course including Harvard.
  • National & International Networks – More real estate networksthan any other broker in Telluride. More than 2 million real estate brokers to help get your property sold.
  • Telluride Luxury Hotels Exclusive Agent– Access to over 196 thousand guests staying at Telluride and Mountain village luxury hotel and private homes annually.
  • Luxury Periodicals Campaign – Broadest local & national advertising representation including Unique Homes and The High End magazines.
  • Newspaper and Newspaper Supplement Campaign –One of the largest real estate advertisers in The Daily Planet and The Watch newspapers.
  • Exclusive Full-time Weekly Open House Schedule – The only representation of its kind in the region.
When you’re ready to buy or sell your luxury Colorado property in Telluride or the surrounding area, consider the advantages of The Harvey Team. In fact, why not contact George Harvey today at 970.729.0111, or via email at