Pricing Your Property

Pricing Your Property

Realistic pricing based on a well-prepared Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) will achieve the maximum price in a reasonable time.
  • A property priced correctly from the beginning typically achieves the highest proceeds.
  • Houses that remain on the market for a long time often stop being shown.
  • The market sets the price, not the sellers or the real estate broker.
  • If you want to sell in a timely manner, your asking price should be competitive in current conditions.
Factors WITHIN your control include:

  • Your initial listing price and terms of sale
  • Your property’s distinctive and compelling attributes
  • The physical condition of your property (interior and exterior)
  • Ready access to your property for showing
  • Selection of the real estate professional to represent you
Factors NOT WITHIN your control include:

  • Your property’s location
  • Recent property market values
  • Current economic and market conditions and indicators
  • The number of comparable properties currently on the market

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